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Here at ScriptArsenal, our goal is to achieve tangible results for you, our clients, not just in making your scripts the best they can be, but in providing a means to get them into the market.

To that end, we've launched a new initiative, the "Wish List”, a list of producers seeking material spanning a range of genres all of whom are open to working with up-and-coming writers, and who have very specific needs for certain kinds of scripts. From family friendly films, high concept sci-fi, horror, women-in-peril movies-of-the-week, romantic comedies, crime dramas, thrillers, even a heavy-metal musical. If you have a script that fits into any of these genres, we've got a producer looking. The "Wish List" even includes more specifics like budget ranges, comparable films, sometimes even age, gender and character types.

The 1st of every month, subscribers will receive an updated list with producers’ needs and any new companies added. The current crop includes producers who have made everything from Sundance-style indies to high-end studio films.**

If your script coverage receives a "Consider with Reservations" or higher from our analysts, and fits the needs of any producer on the "Wish List", we will personally reach out to that producer, explain how your project matches their needs, and refer the script to them.

The goal is to give writers CLEAR TARGETS to pursue instead of just writing a spec and hoping that it appeals to the market (and that it can get to the right producers). Given the specificity, there's a much HIGHER PROBABILITY of interest from producers should your material match their stated needs. The producers we have cultivated relationships with are very excited to be part of the ScrptArsenal Wish List because they are being presented with quality over quantity, amazing scripts that fit their precise criteria. 

Only $7.99/month

​Introducing the exclusive ScriptArsenal Wish List subscription for only $7.99 a month. You will ​​have access to a growing list of production companies with detailed information on the types of projects they are currently seeking. These INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION COMPANIES are ready and willing to seriously look at scripts from UP-AND-COMING writers.

*By purchasing this Service, you are subscribing and agreeing to a charge your credit card for $7.99 each month. Please see our Subscription Terms and Conditions and read these carefully as they set forth our refund, cancellation, pricing policies and other important information. Please always feel free to contact us at info@scriptarsenal.com.

**Orders placed on the 1st of the month through the 15th will receive the Wish List for that month. Wish List orders placed on the 16th to the last day of the month will receive the Wish List on the 1st of the next month. Regardless of the order date, the subsequent Wish List will be sent out the 1st of each month thereafter.