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Worked for CAA, ICM, Mandalay Pictures, Overture Films, Benderspink, Twisted Pictures, Davis Entertainment

Worked for Nasser Entertainment (Executive), ScriptShark, Austin Film Festival

Worked for CAA, Rat Entertainment, Ocean Pictures, Lightstorm

Our Analysts

Worked for Black List, PAGE Awards, Virtual Pitch Fest, Greenlight My Movie, FadeIn Pitch Fest

Worked for United Artists, Paramount, Cruise-Wagner, Phoenix Pictures

Worked for Gold Circle Films, Goldcrest Films, Global Media Television

In Hollywood, most submissions are first read by a company’s “Readers.” Their analysis is then turned into a “Coverage Report”, and is often the only thing the company ever reads. This initial phase of the submission process can make or break a submission. At ScriptArsenal, our team of screenplay readers and manuscript analysts will go a step beyond a standard coverage report and provide notes that will help you grow as a writer.

ScriptArsenal’s top-quality analysts set us apart from the competition. Our film-educated readers have actual industry experience.

Analyst Requirements

  • Read for two major companies in the past. You are looking for a professional opinion and that’s what we provide. ScriptArsenal analysts must have experience at reputable companies.
  • Possess writing experience themselves. We believe it’s difficult for a non-writer to critique the foundations of the material. In turn, ScriptArsenal only hires analysts that write themselves. Most of our analysts have written on assignment or had material optioned in the past.
  • Must enjoy screenplays of all genres. While our analysts may have a preference for an individual genre, ScriptArsenal makes sure they enjoy and understand the mechanics of all films.

Worked for Paradigm, FilmEngine, New Films International