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The ScriptArsenal philosophy is simple: Prepare the writer for their respective industry, be it publishing or film, by providing a sober and objective analysis of their work. Empower the writer by providing the professional scrutiny that will permit him or her to bring their material to publishing and film industry standards. Support the writer by providing guidance and insight for an effective entry into the publishing or film industry marketplace. Allow the writer to hear their own bad news first – what works, what doesn’t work, what needs to be developed further while they can still do something about it, and before an agent, manager, publisher or producer slams a door in their face.

​​​ScriptArsenal is the industry’s leading site for professional and affordable screenplay coverage/consultation and other great script services.  We’re dedicated to the empowerment, discovery, and advancements of writers aiming to break into the entertainment industry or publishing world while providing them with the tools they’ll need to craft superior, focused projects. If you are seeking professional analysis of your work, ScriptArsenal is your destination for script coverage and beyond. Let us help you, whether a first timer or seasoned professional, build your arsenal so that your work as a writer is elevated and maintains the necessary strengths to take it to the marketplace.